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Regulation Committee Seeks Comments on Proposed Draft OCP Model

Draft OREGON CERTIFIED PARALEGAL (OCP) PROGRAM Deadline to submit comments: SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2016 A vote on this proposal will occur at the Annual Convention. SUMMARY OF PROPOSAL November 2015, the OPA formed the Regulation Committee to research and establish a program for voluntary certification. After extensive research and multiple drafts, the Committee proposed the draft Oregon Certified Paralegal (OCP) Program, a voluntary certification program available to members and non-members of OPA. At the 2016 Annual Meeting, the membership will vote on this proposed program. This proposed program is an opportunity for paralegals in Oregon to not only validate their qualifications by way of a credentialing certain education and experience requirements, also brings Oregon in line with the many other jurisdictions across the country who have moved to this type of voluntary certification program. See entire draft here.
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