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Congratulations to the Oregon paralegals who received the OCP credentials from OPA!

For a list of current OCPs, please see the Oregon Certified Paralegal page located here.

Congratulations to Oregon and Southwest Washington paralegals who have received their NFPA paralegal credentials since the last OPA convention!

Jered Brown, RP® - Received RP® designation 02/25/18

Astrid Furstner, CRP™  - Received CRP™designation 04/14/18

Mark Warner, RP® - Received RP® designation 12/11/17

And a special acknowledgement to all of the Oregon paralegals who have obtained their national paralegal credentials! 

Leah M. Aldred, RP®, OCP - renewal date 04/19/19

Dawn Almblad, RP® - renewal date 08/15/18

Rebecca Ayers, RP® - renewal date 12/15/17

Kandis Bachmeier, ALP - received credentials  09/13

Kristen Baker, CRP™, OCP - renewal date 12/21/19

Krista Bardsley, PP - received credentials  09/10

Caroline Barr ALP,  PLS - received credentials 09/13 and 03/15 respectively

Samantha Blair, CRP™ - renewal date 05/02/18

Jered Brown, RP® - renewal date 02/25/20

Leisa Bulick, RP® - renewal date 08/24/18

Alice Burnham, CRP™ - renewal date 05/23/19

Lisa Cadungug, PLS, PP - received credentials  03/16 and 03/17 respectively

Melanie Carvalho- Sage, RP® - renewal date 03/31/18

Kelley Chaney, RP®  - renewal date 09/12/18

Cynthia Cleary, ALP - received credentials  09/15

Marianne Como, CRP™ - renewal date 04/03/18

Elizabeth Cox, CP - renewal date 07/31/21

Michele Davis, CP, OCP - 01/31/18

Brandie Davies, CLP - received credentials  03/17

Kimberly Dahlgren, PP - received credentials  09/11

Brenna Dickey, RP® - renewal date 04/03/20

Linda Escobar, CRP™, OCP - renewal date 02/08/20

Kathryn Flaxel, CRP™ - renewal date 01/10/18

Astrid Furstner, CRP™  - renewal date 04/14/20

Sandra Galati, RP® - renewal date 03/06/19

Palma Gigliotti, RP®  Emeritus

Deborah L. Hartsoch, CRP™ - renewal date 01/04/19

Thomas Holmes, RP® - renewal date 09/27/18

MaryAnn Ivie, RP® - renewal date 04/29/18

Mary Jo Jacobs Smith, RP®  Emeritus

Chrysty Johnston, PLS - received credentials  03/13

Joyce Kent, RP®  Emeritus

Jane Kim, CRP™ - renewal date 12/23/18

Kimberly J. Kindred,  RP® - renewal date 11/16/19  

Beth King, RP® - renewal date 07/26/18

Dawn Lee, CLP - received credentials  09/16

Julie Lycklama, RP® - renewal date 03/09/19

Marjorie A. Machen, CRP™ - renewal date 04/04/19

Julianne Maguire, RP® - renewal date 05/27/18

Susan Manes, RP®, OCP - renewal date - 04/25/19

Mary McCourt, CLA - retired

Enya McKinnon, ALP - received credentials  03/17

Kathleen Miller, RP® - renewal date 08/08/18

Natalie Nelson, RP® - renewal date 04/06/19

Suzette Nichols, CP - renewal date 09/30/17

Heather Nugget, CP - renewal date 03/31/18

Linda Odermott, RP,® OCP - renewal date 01/31/20

Barbara Parr, CLP - received credentials  03/17

Brenda Phillips CLP - received credentials  03/17

Brenda Piplovick, PP - received credentials  09/10

Sena Richichi, RP® - renewal date 12/24/19

Christina Risberg, CP, ACP - renewal date 03/31/21

Margaret Robinson, PLS - received credentials  03/11

Angie Rubschlager,  CRP™ - renewal date 04/24/20

Christina L. Ruff, CRP™ - renewal date 01/31/19

Karen Russell, RP® - renewal date 02/19/20

Charlene Sabini, ALP,  PLS,  PP -  received credentials 09/13, 09/14, and 03/17 respectively

Karen Smitherman - RP®  renewal date 03/14/17

Traci Spahr, PP - received credentials  03/10

Angela Stennick,  ALP,  PLS - received credentials 09/13 and 03/14 respectively

Patricia Tate, ACP - renewal date 01/31/21

Diane Thompson, CP, RP®, OCP - renewal date 01/31/18 and 06/21/18 respectively

Mary VanKleeck, CRP™ - renewal date 05/09/19

Rebecca Walker, CP - renewal date 01/31/20

Malia Wallace-Mello, RP® - renewal date 03/17/19

Mark Warner, RP® - renewal date 12/11/19

Michele White, RP® - renewal date 09/26/18

Kristine D. Wood, CRP™ - renewal date 02/07/19

Raquel Wood, PLS - received credentials  03/12

Click here for the complete list of NFPA certified paralegals

Click here for the complete list of NALS certified paralegals

Click here for the complete list of NALA certified paralegals

There are several forms of voluntary certification available for paralegals. Some certification programs require that you have certain qualifications and that you complete a substantive examination process to attain the certification. The following are the credentials recognized by OPA. 

OPA is a member of NFPA®, the National Federation of Paralegal Associations. NFPA sponsors the PACE® certification program (“Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam®”) which bestows the Registered Paralegal or RP®, credentials and more recently introduced the PCCE™, or the Paralegal Core Competency Exam™ which bestows the Core Registered Paralegal or CRP™ credentials.

What is OCP? The OPA Regulation Committee drafted a voluntary certification program, the Oregon Certified Paralegal (OCP), to establish a standard of competency and accountability for paralegals in Oregon. This program is an opportunity for Oregon paralegals to validate their qualifications, offers a paralegal credential to Oregon paralegals that meet certain education and experience requirements and brings Oregon inline with other states who have enacted a voluntary certification program, whether through the local paralegal association or the local bar associations. Want more information? Click here.

What is PACE? PARALEGAL ADVANCED COMPETENCY EXAM® (PACE®), an advanced exam for the skilled and experienced Paralegal. The Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam® (PACE) is offered by NFPA® to test the competency of experienced and skilled paralegals. This exam is one-of-a-kind, in that it is the ONLY certification exam that requires at least two (2) years of substantive paralegal experience for applicants to qualify to sit for the exam. PACE® tests critical thinking and problem-solving skills used by experienced paralegals. PACE®, like the PCC Exam, is not state specific and is a national exam. PACE® questions are level 3-4 and tests abilities to see the big picture. Please note, again, that PACE® is not for entry-level paralegals as there are strict eligibility requirements. Want more information? Click here.

What is PCCE™? PARALEGAL CORE COMPETENCY EXAMINATION™ (PCCE™), A base knowledge exam. At the 2009 NFPA® Convention, delegates representing NFPA® member associations from across the United States made history by passing a resolution to develop a basic proficiency exam known as the Paralegal CORE Competency Exam™ (PCCE). The PCC™ Exam tests the knowledge, skills and ability of individuals who are working as paralegals or just entering the profession. On June 11, 2011, 188 paralegals took the PCC™ Exam pilot test at 12 test sites across the country. Of the paralegals who completed the test, 146 achieved a passing score of 550 or better. Those paralegals are the very first CORE Registered Paralegals™ and have earned the right to use the CRP™ credential. The PCC™ Exam is administered by computer at Prometric Test Centers throughout the United States and Canada. For information on those exams, visit the NFPA website: NFPA Certification Programs Recently, the Washington LLLT Program decided to use the PCC™ Exam as one of three exams required before being licensed as a Limited Licensed Legal Technician. Want more information? Click here.

The National Association for Legal Assistants, or NALA, also sponsors a certification program called the Certified Paralegal (CP) and the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA). For information on those programs, visit: NALA Certification The Association of Legal Professionals, or NALS, also sponsors a certification programs called the Accredited Legal Professional (ALP), the Professional Legal Secretary (PLS), and the Professional Paralegal (PP). For more information on those programs, visit: NALS Certification

Look for study groups to form in the spring and fall of each year to prepare for both the PACE® and PCCE™ exams! To learn more or for any questions about the certification options available, contact the OPA Certification Ambassador, Linda Odermott, RP®, OCP at dlsodermott@gmail.com.

As part of the NFPA Certification Ambassador of the Year Award granted to OPA’s Certification Ambassador in 2015, the Advanced Paralegal Institute (API) awarded the following scholarship awards to OPA members:

Jovana Combs received the API Online PACE® Review Course

Holly Swofford received the PACE® Study Manual

Tabatha Schneider received the API Online PCCE™ Review Course

Diana Blake received the PCCE™ Study Manual

Congratulations to all of the winners and our sincere thanks to API for their generous support!

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