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Oregon Paralegal Association is a professional organization of members whose mission is:  

To advance and promote the professional, ethical and educational standards of paralegals;

To encourage and promote the continuing legal education of paralegals;

To uphold and elevate the standards of honor, integrity and courtesy in the legal profession;

To promote the employment, advancement and education of paralegals, regardless of race, sex, creed, color, nation of origin, age, sexual orientation or political ideology; and

To establish good fellowship among association members and members of the legal community.

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2019-2020 Member Awards

Vendor of the Year:

Oregon Paralegal Association Outstanding Member 2019-2020

Brenna Dickey, RP

Oregon Paralegal Association Outstanding New Member 2019-2020

     Niki Harrison

Oregon Paralegal Association President's Award, 2019-2020

Jered Brown, RP

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Portland, Oregon 97228

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