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Oregon Certified Paralegal (OCP)

In 2017, OPA implemented the voluntary Oregon Certified Paralegal (“OCP”) program, administered by the OPA Regulation Committee. The OCP program establishes a standard of competency and accountability for paralegals in Oregon, provides an opportunity for Oregon paralegals to validate their qualifications, and offers a credential to paralegals who meet certain education and experience requirements.
For the purposes of this program, an OCP is a person who:
  • has been employed or retained for at least the past 12 months by an Oregon lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency, or other Oregon entity;
  • performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible;
  • has experience in applying substantive knowledge of Oregon law and legal procedures in rendering direct assistance to lawyers engaged in legal research; preparing, interpreting, and drafting legal documents; meeting with and/or interviewing clients and witnesses; reviewing, analyzing, and communicating relevant facts and legal concepts; and performing other aspects of law office, government agency, or in-house counsel operations;
  • has successfully completed the application process and meets the criteria contained within the OCP Policy; and
  • may or may not hold the exact title of “Paralegal” at their current place of employment.
For more information on the program, click on the Policies & Procedures below or contact the Regulation Committee at ocp.regulation@oregonparalegals.org.

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Disclaimer: Paralegals are not permitted to practice law in the State of Oregon and may not provide legal services to the public except as permitted by law. Read more from the Oregon State Bar here

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