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Committee / Specialty Groups

 Ad Hoc 2021 NFPA Convention Committee Tom Holmes, RP holmestc4@msn.com
 Wayne Akin akin5135@aol.com
 Ad Hoc Committee to Draft Position Statement on UPL Leah Aldred, RP, OCP laldred@barran.com
 Ad Hoc Committee to Revise Bylaws Ryan Moore rwm@bhlaw.com
 Ad Hoc Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Policy Committee Jered Brown jbrown@dunncarney.com
 Leah Aldred, RP, OCP laldred@barran.com
 Advertising MaryAnn Ivie, RP mivie@schwabe.com
 Jered Brown jbrown@dunncarney.com
 Annual Convention Samantha Blair, CRP sblair@dunncarney.com
 Dawna Maiden dawna.maiden@jordanramis.com
 Annual Survey Mary VanKleeck, CRP maryvankleeck@yahoo.com
 Sara Blackthorne sara.blackthorne@pcc.edu
 Associate Group Sara Blackthorne sara.blackthorne@pcc.edu
 Central Oregon Group VACANT
 Certification Mary VanKleeck, CRP maryvankleeck@yahoo.com
 Corporate April J. Stricker astricker@kelrun.com
 Criminal VACANT
 Debtor/Creditor MaryAnn Ivie, RP mivie@schwabe.com
 Emeritus Barbara Baughman barbara@ladypi.com
 Employment Leah Aldred, RP, OCP laldred@barran.com
 Estate Planning/Administration Leisa Harvard leisa.harvard@stoel.com
 Lori Kovacevic lori.kovacevic@stoel.com
 Ethics MaryAnn Ivie, RP mivie@schwabe.com
 Family Law Elizabeth Dye lizlaw08@gmail.com
 Immigration VACANT
 Intellectual Property VACANT
 Job Bank Brenton Sambuceto bsambuceto@gmail.com
 Legal Service Provider/Sustaining Member Liaison Joyce Kent, RP Emeritus jskent6632@gmail.com
 Samantha Blair, CRP sblair@dunncarney.com
 Litigation Mary VanKleeck, CRP maryvankleeck@yahoo.com
 Masters Section Vacant
 Membership/Membership Beneftis Julie Lycklama, RP julie@shumsky-backman.com
 Jennifer Stammer jhauge74@gmail.com
 Mentor/Mentee Diana Blake diana.blake@pcc.edu
 Mary VanKleeck, CRP maryvankleeck@yahoo.com
 National Affairs MaryAnn Ivie, RP maryvankleeck@yahoo.com
 Tom Holmes, RP holmestc4@msn.com
 Paragram MaryAnn Ivie, RP mivie@schwabe.com
 Pro Bono Kelley Chaney, RP kchaney@dunncarney.com
 Program MaryAnn Ivie, RP mivie@schwabe.com
 Samantha Blair, CRP sblair@dunncarney.com
 Public Relations Ryan Moore rwm@bhlaw.com
 Real Estate Jennifer Stammer jhauge74@gmail.com
 Regulation Tom Holmes, RP holmestc4@msn.com
 Research and Professional Development VACANT
 Salem/Eugene Group VACANT
 South of Portland Paralegals Dawna Maiden dawna.maiden@jordanramis.com
 SW Washington Group Julie Lycklama, RP julie@shumsky-backman.com
 Heather Harmon heather.harmon@millernash.com
 Website Jered Brown jbrown@dunncarney.com

If you have interest in any of the vacant positions, please contact:

Leah Aldred, RP®, laldred@barran.com or Sam Blair, CRP, sblair@dunncarney.com

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